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Beyond Mayfield: Measurement of Nest-Survival Data

Stephanie L. Jones, Geoffrey R. Geupel
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v
Preface, vii
Methods of Estimating Nest Success: An Historical Tour, 1-12
Douglas H. Johnson
The ABCs of Nest Survival: Theory and Application from a Biostatistical Perspective, 13-33
Dennis M. Heisey, Terry L. Shaffer, Gary C. White
Extending Methods for Modeling Heterogeneity in Nest-Survival Data Using Generalized Mixed Models, 34-44
Jay Rotella, Mark Taper, Scott Stephens, Mark Lindberg
A Smoothed Residual Based Goodness-of-Fit Statistic for Nest-Survival Models, 45-54
Rodney X. Sturdivant, Jay J. Rotella, Robin E. Russell
The Analysis of Covariates in Multi-Fate Markov Chain Nest-Failure Models, 55-64
Matthew A. Etterson, Brian Olsen, Russell Greenberg
Estimating Nest Success: A Guide to the Methods, 65-72
Douglas H. Johnson
Modeling Avian Nest Survival in Program Mark, 73-83
Stephen J. Dinsmore, James J. Dinsmore
Making Meaningful Estimates of Nest Survival with Model-Based Methods, 84-95
Terry L. Shaffer, Frank R. Thompson III
Analyzing Avian Nest Survival in Forests and Grasslands: A Comparison of the Mayfield and Logistic-Exposure Methods, 96-104
John D. Lloyd, Joshua J. Tewksbury
Comparing the Effects of Local, Landscape, and Temporal Factors on Forest Bird Nest Survival Using Logistic-Exposure Models, 105-116
Melinda G. Knutson, Brian R. Gray, Melissa S. Meier
The Relationship Between Predation and Nest Concealment in Mixed-Grass Prairie Passerines: An Analysis Using Program Mark, 117-123
Stephanie L. Jones, J. Scott Dieni
The Influence of Habitat on Nest Survival of Snowy and Wilson's Plovers in the Lower Laguna Madre Region of Texas, 124-135
Sharyn L. Hood, Stephen J. Dinsmore
Bayesian Statistics and the Estimation of Nest-Survival Rates, 136-144
Andrew B. Cooper, Timothy J. Miller
Modeling Nest-Survival Data: Recent Improvements and Future Directions, 145-148
Jay Rotella
Literature Cited, 149-159
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