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Fire and Avian Ecology in North America

Victoria A. Saab, and Hugh D. W. Powell
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v-vi
Preface, vii
Victoria A. Saab, Hugh D. W. Powell
Fire and Avian Ecology in North America - Process, 1-13
Victoria A. Saab, Hugh D. W. Powell
Fire and Birds in the Southwestern United States, 14-32
Carl E. Bock, William M. Block
Changing Fire Regimes and the Avifauna of California Oal Woodlands, 33-45
Kathryn L. Purcell, Scott L. Stephens
Fire and Birds in Maritime Pacific Northwest, 46-62
Mark H. Huff, Nathaniel E. Seavy, John D. Alexander, C. John Ralph
The Role of Fire in Structuring Sagebrush Habitats and Bird Communities, 63-75
Steven T. Knick, Aaron L. Holmes, Richard F. Miller
Variation in Fire Regimes of the Rocky Mountains: Implications for Avian Communities and Fire Management, 76-96
Victoria A. Saab, D. W. Powell, Natahsa B. Kotliar, Karen R. Newlon
Bird Responses to Burning and Logging in the Boreal Forest of Canada, 97-115
Susan J. Hannon, Pierre Drapeau
Fire Regimes and Avian Responses in the Central Tallgrass Prairie, 116-126
Dan L. Reinking
Fire Ecology and Bird Populations in Eastern Deciduous Forests, 127-138
Vanessa L. Artman, Todd F. Hutchinson, Jeffrey D. Brawn
Influence of Fire and Other Anthropogenic Practices on Grassland and Shrubland Birds in New England, 139-146
Peter D. Vickery, Benjamin Zuckerberg, Andrea L. Jones, W. Gregory Shriver, Andrew P. Weik
Effects of Fire Regime on Birds in Southweastern Pine Savannas and Native Prairies, 147-160
R. Todd Engstrom, Peter D. Vickery, Dustin W. Perkins, W. Gregory Shriver
Literature Cited, 161-193
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