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Evolution, Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Hawaiian Birds: A Vanishing Avifauna

C. Van Riper III, J. M. Scott, and S. Conant
Studies in Avian Biology
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Dedication, viii
List of Authors, ix
Introduction, 1-12
J. Michael Scott, Sheila Conant, Charles van Riper, III

Historical Perspectives

Historical Perspectives: Introduction, 14
Charles van Riper, III, Sheila Conant, J. Michael Scott
How Many Bird Species in Hawai'i and the Central Pacific Before First Contact, 15-30
John Curnutt, Stuart Pimm
Patterns of Success Among Introduced Birds in the Hawaiian Islands, 31-46
Michael P. Moulton, Kari E. Miller, Eric A. Tillman


Systematics: Introduction, 48-50
Helen F. James
Molecular Systematics and Biogeography of the Hawaiian Avifauna, 51-60
Robert C. Fleischer, Carl E. McIntosh
Evolutionary Relationships and Conservation of the Hawaiian Anatids, 61-67
Judith M. Rhymer
The Interplay of Species Concepts, Taxonomy, and Conservation Lessons from the Hawaiian Avifauna, 68-80
H. Douglas Pratt, Thane K. Pratt
Why the Hawai'i Creeper is an Oreomystis: What Phenotypic Characters Reveal About the Phylogeny of Hawaiian Honeycreepers, 81-97
H. Douglas Pratt
Phylogenetic Placement of the Po'ouli, Melamprosops Phaeosoma, based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequence and Osteological Characters, 98-103
Robert C. Fleischer, Cheryl L. Tarr, Helen F. James, Beth Slikas, Carl E. McIntosh

Status and Trends

Status and Trends: Introduction, 106-107
J. Michael Scott, Charles van Riper, III
The Status and Population Trends of the Newell's Shearwater on Kaua'i: Insights from Modeling, 108-123
David G. Ainley, Richard Podolsky, Leah Deforest, Gregory Spencer, Nadav Nur
Migration of Northern Pintail Across the Pacific with Reference to the Hawaiian Islands, 124-132
Miklos D. F. Udvardy, Andrew Engillis, Jr.
The Hawai'i Rare Bird Search 1994-1996, 133-143
Michelle H. Reynolds, Thomas J. Snetsinger
Status and Distribution of the Po'ouli in the Hanawi Natural Area Reserve Between December 1995 and June 1997, 144-150
Paul E. Baker


Ecology: Introduction, 152-153
Sheila Conant
Drepanidine Movements in Relation to Food Availability in Subalpine Woodland on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, 154-163
Steven C. Hess, Paul C. Banko, Michelle H. Reynolds, Gregory J. Brenner, Leona P. Laniawe, James D. Jacobi
Breeding Productivity and Survival of the Endangered Hawai'i Creeper in a Wet Forest Refuge on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, 162-172
Bethany L. Woodworth, Jay T. Nelson, Erik J. Tweed, Steven G. Fancy, Michael P. Moore, Emily B. Cohen, Mark S. Collins
Significance of Old-Growth Forest to the Hawai'i Akepa, 173-184
Leonard A. Freed
Demographic Comparisons Between High and Low Density Populations of Hawai'i Akepa, 185-193
Patrick J. Hart
Breeding Characteristics of the Akohekohe on East Maui, 194-201
Ellen M. VanGelder, Thomas B. Smith
Akohekohe Response to Flower Availability Seasonal Abundance, Foraging, Breeding, and Molt, 202-212
Kim E. Berlin, John C. Simon, Thane K. Pratt, James R. Kowalsky, Jeff S. Hatfield
Age-Related Diet Differences in Two Nectar-Feeding Depanidines The Akohekohe and the Apapane, 213-217
John H. Carothers

Limiting Factors

Limiting Factors: Introduction, 220
J. Michael Scott, Charles van Riper, III
Limiting Factors Affecting Hawaiian Native Birds, 221-233
Charles van Riper, III, J. Michael Scott
Habitat Use and Limiting Factors in a Population of Hawaiian Dark-Rumped Petrels on Mauna Loa, Hawai'i, 234-242
Darcy Hu, Catherine Glidden, Jill S. Lippert, Lena Schnell, James S. MacIvor, Julian Meisler
Interaction Between the Hawaiian Dark-Rumped Petrel and the Argentine Ant in Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawai'i, 243-246
Paul D. Krushelnycky, Cathleen S. N. Hodges, Arthur C. Medeiros, Lloyd L. Loope
Distribution and Potential Impacts of Avian Poxlike Lesions in Elepaio at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, 247-253
Eric A. VanderWerf
Immunogenetics and Resistance to Avian Malaria in Hawaiian Honeycreepers Drepanidinae, 254-263
Susan I. Jarvi, Carter T. Atkinson, Robert C. Fleischer
Changes in Native and Introduced Bird Populations on O'Ahu Infectious Diseases and Species Replacement, 264-273
Cherie Shehara, Leonard Freed, Rebecca L. Cann
What Caused the Population Decline of the Bridled White-Eye on Rota, Mariana Islands, 274-280
Steven G. Fancy, Thomas J. Snetsinger
The Evolution of Passerine Life Histories on Oceanic Islands, and Its Implications for the Dynamics of Population Decline and Recovery, 281-290
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Newly Emergent and Future Threats of Alien Species to Pacific Birds and Ecosystems, 291-304
lloyd L. Loope, Francis G. Howarth, Frederick Kraus, Thane K. Pratt

Recovery and Management

Recovery and Management: Introduction, 306-307
J. Michael Scott, Sheila Conant
Effects of Predator Control on the Survival and Breeding Success of the Endangered Hawaiian Dark-Rumped Petrel, 308-318
Cathleen S. Natividad Hodges, Ronald J. Nagata, Sr.
Foraging Behavior and Temporal Use of Grasslands by Nene Implications for Management, 319-328
Friederike Woog, Jeffrey M. Black
An Ecosystem-Based Management Approach to Enhancing Endangered Waterbird Habitat on a Military Base, 329-337
Diane Drigot
Why Isn't the Nihoa Millerbird Extinct?, 338-346
Sheila Conant, Marie Morin
Reintroduction and Translocation of Oma'o A Comparison of Methods, 347-353
Steven G. Fancy, Jay T. Nelson, Peter Harrity, Jope Kuhn, Marla Kuehler, Jon G. Giffin
Restoration Techniques for Hawaiian Forest Birds: Collection of Eggs, Artificial Incubation and Hand-Rearing of Chicks, and Release to the Wild, 354-358
Cyndi Kuehler, Alan Lieberan, Peter Harrity, Marla Kuhn, Jope Kuhn, Barbara McIlraith, John Turner
Conservation Status and Recovery Strategies for Endemic Hawaiian Birds, 359-376
Paul C. Banko, Reginald E. David, James D. Jacobi, Winston E. Banko
Evaluating the Cost of Saving Native Hawaiian Birds, 377-383
William W. M. Steiner

Literature Cited

Literature Cited, 384-428
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