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Avian Research at the Savannah River Site: A Model For Integrating Basic Research and Long-Term Management

John B. Dunning, and John C. Kilgo Jr.
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v
Preface, 1-2
John B. Dunning, John C. Kilgo
Introduction, 3-7
John B. Dunning, John C. Kilgo
The Savannah River Site: Site Description, Land Use and Management History, 8-17
David L. White, Karen F. Gaines
Early Avian Research at the Savannah River Site Historical Highlights and Possibilities for the Future, 18-31
J. Michael Meyers, Eugene P. Odum
Historical Winter Status of Three Upland Ammodramus Sparrows in South Carolina, 32-38
Douglas B. McNair, William Post
Integration of Research with Long-Term Monitoring: Breeding Wood Ducks on the Savannah River Site, 39-49
Robert A. Kennamer, Gary R. Hepp
Mitigation for the Endangered Wood Stork on Savannah River Site, 50-56
A. L. Bryan, M. C. Coulter, I. L. Brisbin, Jr.
Long-Term Studies of Radionuclide Contamination of Migratory Waterfowl at the Savannah River Site: Implications for Habitat Management and Nuclear Waste Site Remediation, 57-64
I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr., Robert A. Kennamer
Integration of Long-term Research into a Gis-based Landscape Habitat Model for the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, 65-74
Kathleen E. Franzreb, F. Thomas Lloyd
Studying Wildlife at Local and Landscape Scales: Bachman's Sparrows at the Savannah River Site, 75-80
John B. Dunning, Brent J. Danielson, Bryan D. Watts, Jianguo Liu, David G. Krementz
Effects of Long-term Forest Management on a Regional Avifauna, 81-86
John C. Kilgo, Kathleen E. Franzreb, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Karl V. Miller, Brian R. Chapman
Fifty Years of Ornithological Coverage at SRS: What Species and Groups Have Fallen Through the Cracks?, 87-103
D. Archbald McCallum, Sherry Leatherman, John J. Mayer
People and Decisions Meeting the Information Needs of Managers, 104-108
John Blake, Elizabeth LeMaster
Designing and Presenting Avian Research to Facilitate Integration with Management, 109-114
Christopher E. Moorman
Integrating Long-Term Avian Studies with Planning and Adaptive Management: Department of Energy Lands as a Case Study, 115-121
Joanna Burger
An Approach to Quantifying Long-term Habitat Change on Managed Forest Lands, 122-129
Paul B. Hamel, John B. Dunning, Jr.
Rising Importance of the Landscape Perspective: An Area of Collaboration Between Managers and Researchers, 130-137
Brian K. Pilcher, John B. Dunning, Jr.
The Mesopredator Release Hypothesis: Integrating Landbird Management with Biological Theory, 138-143
Christopher M. Rogers, Stephen B. Heard
Coordinating Short-term Projects into an Effective Research Program: Effects of Site Preparation Methods on Bird Communities in Pine Plantations, 144-147
John C Kilgo, Karl V. Miller, William F. Moore
Concluding Remarks Avian Studies at the Savannah River Site, 148
Eugene P. Odum
Literature Cited, 149-170
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