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Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds of the Western Hemisphere

Peter D. Vickery, James R. Herkert
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v
Preface, 1
Peter D. Vickery, James R. Herkert
Introduction: Conservation of Grassland Birds in the Western Hemisphere, 2-26
Peter D. Vickery, Pablo L. Tubaro, Jose Maria Cardosa da Silva, Bruce G. Peterjohn, James R. Herkert, Roberto B. Cavalcanti


Population Status of North American Grassland Birds from the North American Breeding Bird Survey, 1966-1996, 27-44
Bruce G. Peterjohn, John R. Sauer
Linking Continental Climate, Land Use, and Land Patterns with Grassland Bird Distribution Across the Conterminous United States, 45-59
Raymond J. O'Connor, Malcolm T. Jones, Randall B. Boone, T. Bruce Lauber
History of Grassland Birds in Eastern North America, 60-71
Robert A. Askins
Grassland Bird Conservation in Northeastern North America, 72-80
Jeffery V. Wells, Kenneth V. Rosenburg
Use of Cultivated Fields by Breeding Mountain Plovers in Colorado, 81-86
Fritz L. Knopf, Jeffery R. Rupert
Changes in Birds Populations on Canadian Grasslands, 87-94
C. Stuart Houston, Josef K. Schmutz
Multiscale Habitat Associations of the Sage Sparrow Implications for Conservation Biology, 95-103
John T. Rotenberry, Steve T. Knick
Spatial Distribution of Breeding Passerine Bird Habitats in a Shrubsteppe Region of Southwestern Idaho, 104-111
Steve T. Knick, John T. Rotenberry

Breeding Ecology

Habitat Selection

Habitat Relations and Breeding Biology of Grassland Birds in New York, 112-121
Christopher J. Norment, Charles D. Ardizzone, Kathleen Hartman
Experimental Analysis of Nest Predation in a New York Grassland Effects of Habitat and Nest Distribution, 122-127
Charles D. Ardizzone, Christopher J. Norment
Satellite Burrow Use by Burrowing Owl Chicks and Its Influence on Nest Fate, 128-130
Martha J. Desmond, Julie A. Savidge
Songbird Abundance in Grasslands at a Suburban Interface on the Colorado High Plains, 131-136
Carl E. Bock, Jane H. Bock, Barry C. Bennett
Thermal Aspects of Nest-Site Location for Vesper Sparrows and Horned Larks in British Columbia, 137-143
Kari J. Nelson, Kathy Martin


The Effects of Summer Burns on Breeding Florida Grasshopper and Bachman's Sparrows, 144-148
W. Gregory Shriver, Peter D. Vickery, Dustin W. Perkins
Effects of Fire and Herbicide Treatment on Habitat Selection in Grassland Birds in Southern Maine, 149-159
Peter D. Vickery, Malcolm L. Hunter, Jeffrey V. Wells
Henslow's Sparrow Response to Prescribed Fire in an Illinois Prairie Reminant, 160-164
James R. Herkert, William D. Glass
Effects of Prescribed Burning and Grazing on Nesting and Reproductive Success of Three Grassland Passerine Species in Tallgrass Prairie, 165-170
Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Jr., Dan L. Reinking, Donald H. Wolfe, Steve K. Sherrod, M. Alan Jenkins
Relationship of Fire History to Territory Size, Breeding Density, and Habitat of Baird's Sparrow in North Dakota, 171-177
Maiken Winter

Conservation Reserve Program

Le Conte's Sparrows Breeding in Conservation Reserve Program Fields Precipitation and Patterns of Population Change, 178-186
Lawrence D. Igl, Douglas H. Johnson
Density and Fledging Success of Grassland Birds in Conservation Reserve Program Fields in North Dakota and West-Central Minnesota, 187-195
Rolf R. Koford


Nesting Birds and Grazing Cattle Accommodating Both on Midwestern Pastures, 196-202
Stanley A. Temple, Brick M. Fevold, Laura K. Paine, Daniel J. Undersander, David W. Sample
Bird Populations of Seeded Grasslands in the Apsen Parkland of Alberta, 203-210
David R. C. Prescott, Andrew J. Murphy
Grassland Songbird Occurrence in Native and Crested Wheatgrass Pastures of Southern Saskatchewan, 211-218
Stephen K. Davis, David C. Duncan

Data Collection and Analysis

Monitoring Grassland Birds in Nocturnal Migration, 219-229
William R. Evans, David K. Mellinger
Design and Duration of Perturbation Experiments Implications for Data Interpretation, 230-236
Kenneth L. Petersen, Louis B. Best
Sampling Consideration for Estimating Density of Passerines in Grasslands, 237-243
Jay J. Rotella, Elizabeth M. Madden, Andrew J. Hansen

Latin America

Bird Species Richness and Conservation in the Cerrado Region of Central Brazil, 244-249
Robert B. Cavalcanti
The Decline of the Pampas Meadowlark: Difficulties of Applying the Iucn Criteria to Neotropical Grassland Birds, 250-257
Pablo Luis Turaro, Fabian Marcelo Gabelli
A Preliminary Assessment of Distributions and Conservation Needs of Grassland Birds in Mexico, 258-262
A. Townsend Peterson, Mark B. Robbins
Grassland Birds in Prairie-Dog Towns in Northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico, 263-271
Patricia Manzano-Fischer, Rurik List, Gerardo Ceballos
Seasonal Movements and Conservation of Seedeaters of Genus Sporophila in South America, 272-280
Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva
Demographic Characteristics of Dickcissels in Winter, 281-288
Gianfranco D. Basili, Stanley A. Temple
Winter Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation Needs of Dickcissels in Venezuela, 289-299
Gianfranco D. Basili, Stanley A. Temple
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