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Research and Management of the Brown-Headed Cowbird in Western Landscapes

D. Caldwell Hahn, Linnea S. Hall, Michael L. Morrison, Scott K. Robinson, Stephen I. Rothstein, and Terrell D. Rich
Studies in Avian Biology
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List of Authors, v
Preface, 1
Terrell D. Rich
Introduction, 2-3
Michael L. Morrison, Linnea S. Hall, Scott K. Robinson, Stephen I. Rothstein, D Caldwell Hahn, Terrell D. Rich

Section I

Section I: Cowbird Ecology Factors Affecting the Abundance and Distribution of Cowbirds, 4-9
Scott K. Robinson
Review of the Causes and Implications of the Association Between Cowbirds and Livestock, 10-17
Christopher B. Goguen, Nancy E. Mathews
Managing Riparian Vegetation to Control Cowbirds, 18-22
Cara A. Staab, Michael L. Morrison
Cowbirds in a Western Valley Effects of Landscape Structure, Vegetation, and Host Density, 23-33
Joshua J. Tewksbury, Thomas E. Martin, Sallie J. Hejl, Timothy S. Redman, F. Jeremy Wheeler
Parasitism by Brown-Headed Cowbirds in the Shrubsteppe of Eastern Washington, 34-40
W. Matthew Vander Haegan, Brett Walker
Habitat and Landscape Factors Affecting Cowbird Distribution in the Northern Rockies, 41-51
Jock S. Young, Richard L. Hutto
Use of Different Habitats by Breeding Brown-Headed Cowbirds in Fragmented Midwestern Landscapes, 52-61
Scott K. Robinson, Jeffery D. Brawn, Solon F. Morse, James R. Herkert
The Density and Distribution of Brown-Headed Cowbirds The Central Coastal California Enigma, 62-67
Chris Farmer
Landscape Effects on Cowbird Occurrences in Michigan Implications to Research Needs in Forests of the Inland West, 68-72
John M. Stribley, Jonathan B. Haufler
Brown-Headed Cowbirds in Ponderosa Pine Douglas-Fir-Dominated Landscapes in the Northern Rocky Mountains, 73-79
Sallie J. Hejl, Jock S. Young
Scale Dependence in the Effects of Forest Coverage on Parasitization by Brown-headed Cowbirds, 80-88
W. M. Hochachka, T. E. Martin, V. Artman, C. R. Smith, S. J. Hejl, D. E. Andersen, D. Curson, L. Petit, N. Mathews, T. Donovan, E. E. Klaas, P. B. Wood, J. C. Manolis, K. P. McFarland, J.V. Nichols, J. C. Bednarz. D. M. Evans, J. P. Duguay, S. Garner, J. Tewksbury, K. L. Purcell, J. Faaborg, C. B. Goguen, C. Rimmer, R. Dettmers, M. Knutson, J. A. Collazo, L. Garner, D. Whitehead, G. Geupel
Past and Present Distribution of the Brown-Headed Cowbird in the Rocky Mountain Region, 89-93
Jameson F. Chace, Alexander Cruz
Distribution and Abundance of Brown-Headed Cowbirds in the Wilderness of Central Idaho, 94-96
Anthony L. Wright
Abundance and Rates of Brood Parasitism by Brown-Headed Cowbirds over an Elevational Gradient in the Southern Sierra Nevada, 97-103
Kathryn L. Purcell, Jared Verner

Section II

Section II: The Basis for Cowbird Management Host Selection, Impacts on Hosts, and Criteria for Taking Management Action, 104-108
James N. M. Smith
Cowbird Parasitism of Arizona Bell's Vireos in a Desert Riparian Landscape: Implications for Cowbird Management and Ripartian Restoration, 109-120
Annalaura Averill-Murray, Suellen Lynn, Michael L. Morrison
What Do Demographic Sensitivity Analyses Tell Us about Controlling Brown-Headed Cowbirds?, 121-134
John J. Citta, L. Scott Mills
Lazuli Buntings and Brown-Headed Cowbirds in Montana A State-Wide Landscape Analysis of Potential Sources and Sinks, 135-143
Erick Greene, Jennifer Jolivette, Roland Redmond
Demographic Consequences of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitization of Lazuli Buntings, 144-152
Erick Greene
Assessing the Impact of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism in Eight National Parks, 153-159
Mary D. Halterman, Sarah Allen, Stephen A. Laymon
Impacts of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism on Productivity of the Endangered Least Bell's Vireo, 160-166
Barbara E. Kus
Costs of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism to Willow Flycatchers, 167-181
James A. Sedgwick, William M. Iko
Range-Wide Impact of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism on the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, 182-190
Mary J. Whitfield, Mark K. Sogge
Importance of Predation and Brood Parasitism on Nest Success in Four Sparrow Species in Southern Californian Coastal Sage Scrub, 191-199
Kevin Ellison
Influence of Landscape and Cowbird Parasitism on the Reproductive Success of Plumbeous Vireos Breeding in Colorado, 200-203
Jameson F. Chace, Alexander Cruz
A Spatial and Genetic Analysis of Cowbird Host Selection, 204-217
D. Caldwell Hahn, James A. Sedgwick, Ian S. Painter, Nancy J. Casna
Common Yellowthroat Brood Parasitism and Nest Success Vary with Host Density and Site Characteristics, 218-228
Hildie Spautz
Cowbird Removal Programs as Ecological Experiments Measuring Community-Wide Impacts of Nest Parasitism and Predation, 229-234
Krista L. De Groot, James N. M. Smith, Mary J. Taitt
Parasitism and Egg Puncture Behavior by Bronzed and Brown-Headed Cowbirds in Sympatry, 235-240
Brian D. Peer, Spencer G. Sealy
A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Parasitism by the Brown-Headed Cowbird on Its Hosts, 241-253
Janice C. Lorenzana, Spencer G. Sealy

Section III

Section III: Cowbird Control The Efficacy of Long-term Control and Proposed Alternatives to Standard Control Practices, 254-259
Linnea S. Hall, Stephen I. Rothstein
Is Brown-Headed Cowbird Trapping Effective for Managing Populations of the Endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher?, 260-266
Mary J. Whitfield, Kristen M. Enos, Sean P. Rowe
Effective Landscape Management of Brown-Headed Cowbirds at Fort Hood, Texas, 267-274
G. H. Eckrich, T. E. Koloszar, M. D. Goering
The Effects of Prescribed Burning and Habitat Edges on Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism of Red-Winged Blackbirds, 275-281
Ethan D. Clotfelter, Ken Yasukawa, Richard D. Newsome
Cowbird Trapping in Remote Areas Alternative Control Measures May Be More Effective, 282-289
Kristen J. Winter, Sharon D. McKelvey
Golden-Cheeked Warbler Fatality in a Cowbird Trap, 290-291
Kristin K. Terpening

Literature Cited

Literature Cited, 292-312
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