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Auks At Sea

Spencer G. Sealy
Studies in Avian Biology
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Symposium Overview: Auks at Sea Prospects for Future Research, 1-6
Spencer G. Sealy

Patch Use

The Influence of Hydrographic Structure and Prey Abundance on Foraging of Least Auklets, 7-22
George L. Hunt, Jr., Nancy M. Harrison, R. Ted Cooney
Alcid Patchiness and Flight Direction Near a Colony in Eastern Newfoundland, 23-35
David C. Schneider, Raymond Pierotti, William Threlfall
The Aggregative Response of Common Murres and Atlantic Puffins to Schools of Capelin, 36-51
John F. Piatt
Hot Spots in Cold Water Feeding Habitat Selection by Thick-Billed Murres, 52-60
David L Cairns, David C. Schneider
Seabird Diet at a Front Near the Pribilof Islands Alaska, 61-66
David C. Schneider, Nancy M. Harrison, George L. Hunt, Jr.
Winter Observations of Black Guillemots in Hudson Bay and Davis Strait, 67-70
Anthony J. Gaston, Peter L. McLaren

Allocation of Time and Energy

Flexible Time Budgets in Breeding Common Murres: Buffers Against Variable Prey Abundance, 71-83
Alan E. Burger, John F. Piatt
Energy Expenditures, Activity Budgets, and Prey Harvest of Breeding Common Murres, 84-92
David K. Cairns, William A. Montevecchi, Victoria L. Birt-Friesen, Stephen A Macko
Daily Foraging Behavior of Marbled Murrelets, 93-102
Harry R. Carter, Spencer G. Sealy

Chick Rearing at Sea

Offshore Distributional Patterns, Feeding Habits, and Adult-Chick Interactions of the Common Murre in Oregon, 103-108
J. Michael Scott
Movements of Ancient Murrelet Broods Away from a Colony, 109-113
David C. Duncan, Anthony J. Gaston

Diets in Relation to Prey Resources

Gelatinous Zooplankton in the Diet of the Parakeet Auklet: Comparisons with Other Auklets, 114-124
Nancy M. Harrison
The Winter Diet of Thick-Billed Murres in Coastal Newfoundland Waters, 125-138
Richard D. Elliot, Pierre C. Ryan, Wayne W. Lidster
Physical and Biological Deteminants of the Abundance, Distribution, and Diet of the Common Murree in Monterey Bay, California, 139-148
Donald A. Croll

Auks in Peril

Decline of the Common Murree in Central California, 1980-1986, 149-163
Jean E. Takekawa, Harry R. Carter, Thomas E. Harvey
Numbers of Seabirds Killed or Debilitated in the 1986 Apex Houston Oil Spill in Central California, 164-174
Gary W. Page, Harry R. Carter, R. Glenn Ford
Differential Responses of Common and Thick-Billed Murres to a Crash in the Capelin Stock in the Southern Barents Sea, 175-180
W. Vader, R. T. Barrett, K. E. Erikstad, K. B. Strann
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