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Ecology and Behavior of Gulls

Judith Latta Hand, Kees Vermeer, and William E. Southern
Studies in Avian Biology
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Preface, v
Frank A Pitelka
Gull Research in the 1980s Symposium Overview, 1-7
William E. Southern
Constraints on Clutch Size in the Glaucous-Winged Gull, 8-25
Walter V. Reid
Sex Ratio Skew and Breeding Patterns of Gulls: Demographic and Toxicological Considerations, 26-43
D. Michael Fry, C. Kuehler Toone, Steven M. Speich, R. John Peard
Survivorship and Mortality Factors in a Population of Western Gulls, 44-56
Larry B. Spear, Teresa M. Penniman, Jay F. Penniman, Harry R. Carter, David G. Ainley
Effects of Increased Population Size in Herring Gulls on Breeding Success and Other Parameters, 57-65
Arie L. Spaans, Alle A. N. de Wit, Marianne A. van Vlaardingen
Selective Factors Affecting Clutch Size in the Western Gull on the Farallon Islands, California, 66
Malcolm C. Coulter
A Comparison of Some Adaptations of Herring and Ring-Billed Gull Chicks to Their Natal Environment, 67
Linda M. Uin
Time-Partitioning of Clutch and Brood Care Activities in Herring Gulls: A Measure of Parental Quality?, 68-74
Ralph D. Morris
Do Adult Gulls Recognize Their Own Young: An Experimental Test, 75-79
Joseph G. Galusha, Ronald L. Carter
A Simulation Model of Flock Formation in Ring-Billed Gulls, 80
Roger M. Evans
Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Franklins Gull Flocks, 81
J. G. Kopachena
Neighbor Interactions and Cooperation Among Breeding Herring Gulls: An Alternative Interpretation of Gull Territoriality, 82
Gary W. Shugart, Mary A. Fitch
Foraging Efficiency in Gulls: A Congeneric Comparison of Age Differences in Efficency and Age of Maturity, 83-90
Joanna Burger
Foraging Patterns and Prey Selection by Avian Predators: A Comparative Study in Two Colonies of California Gulls, 91-101
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., Charles Chase III
Proximate Mechanisms Affecting Dietary Switches in Breeding Gulls, 102
Cynthia Annett
Diets of Glaucous-Winged Gulls A Comparison of Methods for Collecting and Analyzing Data, 103
David B. Irons
Predatory Behavior of Yellow-Footed Gulls Toward Heermann's Gull Chicks at Dense and Scattered Nesting Sites, 104
Enriqueta Velarde
Habitat and Nest-Site Selection of Mew and Glaucous-Winged Gulls in Coastal British Columbia, 105-118
Kees Vermeer, Kevin Devito
Behavioral Consequences of Habitat Selection in the Herring Gull, 119-128
Raymond Pierotti
Seasonal Distribution of Foraging Gulls at Florida Landfills, 129
Stephen R. Patton
Patterns of Distribution of Diurnally Roosting Gulls in a Coastal Marine Environment, 130
Glen Chilton, Spencer G. Sealy
Hybridization of Glaucous and Herring Gulls in Iceland, 131-140
Agnar Ingolfsson
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