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Shorebirds in Marine Environments

Frank A. Pitelka
Studies in Avian Biology
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Preface, v
Acknowledgments, vii
Introduction, 1-11
Frank A. Pitelka

Distribution, Migration, and Conservation

Aspects of the Occurrence of Shorebirds on a Central California Estuary, 15-32
Gary W. Page, Lynne E. Stenzel, Claire M. Wolfe
Habitat Utilization by Wintering and Migrating Shorebirds on Humboldt Bay, California, 33-40
R. H. Gerstenberg
Banding Studies of Migrant Sorebords in Northwestern Costa Rica, 41-47
Susan M. Smith, F. Gary Stiles
Notes on Charadriiformes of the South Coast of Peru, 49-53
R. A. Hughes
The Autumnal Migration of Baird's Sandpiper, 55-68
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Movements and Habitat Use by Wintering Population of Willets and Marbled Godwits, 69-82
Paul R. Kelly, Howard L. Cogswell
Semipalmated Sandpiper Migration in North America, 83-100
B. A. Harrington, R. I. G. Morrison
Seasonal Habitat Use by Arctic Alaskan Shorebirds, 101-111
P. G. Connors, J. P. Myers, F. A. Pitelka
A Preliminary Assessment of Timing and Migration of Shorebirds along the Northcentral Alaska Peninsula, 113-123
Robert Gill, Jr., Paul D. Jorgenson
Migratory Shorebird Populations on the Copper River Delta and Eastern Prince Willliam Sound Alaska, 125-129
M. E. "Pete" Isleib
An Evaluation of the Copper River Delta as Critical Habitat for Migrating Shorebirds, 131-145
Stanley E. Senner
Results of the California Shorebird Survey, 147-149
Ronald M. Jurek
Conservation and Management of Coastal Wetlands in California, 151-155
John Speth
Shorebird Census Studies in Britain, 157-166
A. J. Prater
Effect of Habitat Loss on the Numbers of Overwintering Shorebirds, 167-177
J. D. Goss-Custard
Summarizing Remarks Part 1, 179-181
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.


Feeding Ecology of Black Oystercatchers on South Farallon Island California, 185-186
Stephen H. Morrell, Harriet R. Huber, T. James Lewis, David G. Ainley
Seasonality of Summer Habitiat and Social System of Red Phalaropes, 187
Douglas Schamel, Diane Tracy
Availability and Utilization of Invertebrates as Shorebird Food on a Humboldt Bay Mudflat, 189
L. F. Carrin, N. D. Holmberg, S. W. Harris
Flocking Behavior in Wintering Dunlin, 191
S. Shanewise, S. G. Herman
Biology of Shorebirds Summering on Enewetak Atoll, 193-205
Oscar W. Johnson
Winter Ecology of a Black Oystercatcher Population, 207-215
E. B. Hartwick, W. Blaylock
Feeding Ecology of Three Species of Plovers Wintering on the Bay of Panama, Central America, 217-230
Joseph G. Straugh, Jr., Lawrence G. Abele
Territoriality in Non-Breeding Shorebirds, 231-246
J. P. Myers, P. G. Connors, F. A. Pitelka
The Energetics of Foraging by Redshank Tringa Totanus, 247-257
J. D. Goss-Custard
Summarizing Remarks Part 2, 259-261
John Wiens
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