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Birds of the US-Mexico Borderlands: Distribution, Ecology, and Conservation

David Krueper, Janet Ruth, and Tim Brush
Studies in Avian Biology
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Author Addresses, v
Preface, 1-9
Janet M. Ruth, Timothy Brush, David J. Krueper
Additions to the Breeding Avifauna of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, 11-19
Timothy Brush
Avifaunal Changes in Big Bend National Park, Texas, 20-27
Roland H. Wauer, Mark Flippo
Distribution and Status of Breeding Landbirds in Northern Sonora Mexico, 28-45
Aaron D. Flesch
The Distribution and Status of Royal Terns on The Pacific Coast of Southern California and Baja California, Mexico, 46-51
Charles T. Collins, Eduardo Palacios
Habitat Use of Wintering Bird Communities in Sonora, Mexico - The Importance of Riparian Habitats, 53-68
Jose Fernando Villasenor-Gomez
Population Trends of Yuma Clapper Rails in the Colorado River Delta, Mexico, 69-73
Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Juan Jose Rivera-Diaz, Helena Iturribarria-Rojas, Alejandra Calvo-Fonseca
Densities, Species Richness and Habitat Relationships of the Avian Community in the Colorado River, Mexico, 74-82
Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Helena Iturribarria-Rojas, Enrique Zamora-Hernandez, Alejandra Calvo-Fonseca
Influence of Desertification on Site Occupancy by Grassland and Shrubland Birds During the Non-Breeding Period in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert, 84-100
M. Sofia Agudelo, Martha J. Desmond, Leigh Murray
Winter Diets and Seed Selection of Granivorous Birds in Southwestern New Mexico, 101-112
Martha J. Desmond, Cesar Mendez-Gonzales, Laurie B. Abbott
Distribution and Abundance of Breeding Arizona (Ammodramus savannarum ammolegus) in The Southwestern United States: Past, Present, and Future, 113-124
Janet M. Ruth
Seasonal Passerine Migratory Movements Over the Arid Southwest, 126-137
Rodney K. Felix, Jr., Robert H. Diehl, Janet M. Ruth
Applied Conservation Planning and Implementation in the US-Mexico Borderlands, 138-144
David Mehlman
Literature Cited, 146-165


The concept for this volume began as a scientific symposium at the North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) in Veracruz, Mexico in October 2006. The symposium was entitled “Avian Distributional Change, Anthropogenic Challenges, and Recent Avian Research and Technological Advances within the US–Mexico Border Region,” and was co-chaired by two of us (DJK and TB) along with Carol Beardmore (Sonoran Joint Venture) and Bill Howe (USDI Fish and Wildlife Service). In light of the importance of the borderland region for birds and bird conservation, and because of the great need for additional information about this poorly studied region, we have compiled this volume to present new information about bird distribution, ecology, and conservation.

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