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Western Birds, Volume 35, Number 4 (2004)

Western Birds


Landbird and Waterbird Notes from Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. 186-196.
Daniel C. Barton, Kirsten E. Lindquist, Robert W. Henry, Iii, Luciana Magnolia Luna Mendoza
Atypical Willow Flycatcher Nesting Sites in a Recovering Riparian Corridor at Mono Lake, California. 197-209.
Chris Mccreedy, Sacha K. Heath
Featured Photo. 228-231.
Philip Unitt
Western Birds, Index, Volume 35, 2004. 232-244.
Philip Unitt

Book Reviews

Ecology and Conservation of Birds of the Salton Sink: An Endangered Ecosystem. 224-225.
Paul Hess
Ridgway's Ornithology of the Fortieth Parallel [1877] Revisited: Updated with Contemporary Place Names and Species Nomenclature, Early Twentieth Century Ornithology in Malheur County Oregon. 226-227.
Ted Floyd


Conspecific Collision Mortality in Caspian Terns. 210-211.
Charles T. Collins, Patricia H. Collins, Nathan Mudry
First Record of the Manx Shearwater for Mexico. 211-214.
Mike San Miguel, Todd Mcgrath
Noteworthy Avifaunal Records from the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. 215-218.
Octavio R. Rojas-Soto, Erick A. GarcÍA-Trejo, Luis A. SÁNchez-GonzÁLez, Samuel LÓPez De Aquino, IvÁN Liebig-Fossas, Fernando Puebla-Olivares, AdolfoG. Navarro S., Brett W. Benz
The Common Eider Reaches California. 219-221.
Guy Mccaskie, Charles E. Vaughn
Expansion of the Breeding Range of the Acorn Woodpecker East of the Sierra Nevada, California. 221-223.
Andrew Kirk, Leah Kirk

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