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Western Birds, Volume 34, Number 3 (2003)

Western Birds


Report of the Alaska Checklist Committee, 1997-2002. 122-132.
Daniel D. Gibson, Steven C. Heinl, Theodore G. Tobish, Jr.
1994-1997 Water Bird Surveys of Lake Powell, a Large Oligotrophic Reservoir on the Colorado River, Utah and Arizona. 133-148.
John R. Spence, Benny R. Bobowski
Forest Owls Detected in the Central Sierra Nevada. 149-156.
Michelle L. Crozier, Mark E. Seamans, R. J. GutiÉRrez
Specimen Record of a Long-Billed Murrelet from Eastern Washington, with Notes on Plumage and Morphometric Differences Between Long-Billed and Marbled Murrelets. 157-168.
Christoper W. Thompson, Kevin J. Pullen, Richard E. Johnson, Eric B. Cummins
Featured Photo. 182-184.
Peter Gaede

Book Review

Birds of Oregon: A General Reference. 178-181.
Richard C. Hoyer


California Quail Lays Egg in Wild Turkey Nest. 169-170.
Alan H. Krakauer
Ruddy Ground-Dove Breeding in California. 171-172.
Guy Mccaskie
Extension of the Northernmost Breeding Range of the White-collared Swift in Western Mexico. 173-174.
Eduardo Santana C., JosÉ Carrillo Ortiz, Alfredo AragÓN Cruz
Nesting of Western Gulls in Bahía de Santa María-La Reforma, Sinaloa, Mexico. 175-177.
Marco Antonio GonzÁLez-Bernal, XicotÉNcatl Vega, Eric Mellink

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