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Western Birds, Volume 31, Number 2 (2000)

Western Birds


Seabird Abundances off Washington, 1972-1998. 69-88.
Terence R. Wahl, Bill Tweit
Distribution and Abundance of Burrowing Owls on the Peninsula and Islands of Baja California. 89-99.
Eduardo Palacios, Daniel W. Anderson, Eric Mellink, Salvador GonzÁLez-GuzmÁN
Updated Geographic Distribution of Eight Passerine Species in Central Alaska. 100-105.
Anna-Marie Benson, Thomas H. Pogson, Terry J. Doyle
The Recent Breeding of California and Laughing Gulls at the Salton Sea, California. 106-111.
Kathy C. Molina
Featured Photo. 130-131.
Kimball L. Garrett
President's Message. 132.
Mike San Miguel

Book Reviews

The Small Gulls of North America. 126-127.
Stephen C. Rottenborn
Owls: A Guide to Owls of the World. 127-129.
Steve N. G. Howell


First Record of an Olive-backed Pipit in California. 112-116.
Phil Capitolo, Will Richardson, Ryan Burnett, Peter Pyle
First Record of an Olive-backed Pipit in Mexico. 117-119.
Robert A. Hamilton, James E. Pike, Thomas E. Wurster, Kurt Radamaker
Winter Nocturnal Roost Sites and Behavior of Some Desert Passerines in Western Texas. 120-122.
Robert C. Dobbs, Paul R. Martin
Retarded Wing Molt in Black-legged Kittiwakes. 123-125.
Steve N. G. Howell, Chris Corben

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