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Western Birds, Volume 29, Number 4 (1998)

Western Birds


Biology of the California Gnatcatcher:. 237-241.
John T. Rotenberry, Thomas A. Scott
Featured Photo. 484-485.
Jon R. King, Steve N. G. Howell
Western Birds, Index, Volume 29, 1998. 486-499.
Jack W. Schlotte, Philip Unitt

Book Reviews

The Large Gulls of North America. 480-481.
Steve N. G. Howell
A Guide to the Nests, Eggs, and Nestlings of North American Birds. 481-483.
Stacy Small

Breeding Biology

Has Brood Parasitism Selected for Earlier Nesting in the California Gnatcatcher?. 290-298.
Michael A. Patten, Kurt F. Campbell
Breeding Behavior of the California Gnatcatcher in Southwestern San Diego County, California. 299-322.
Mary A. Grishaver, Patrick J. Mock, Kristine L. Preston
Breeding and Dispersal Biology of the California Gnatcatcher in Central Orange County. 323-332.
J. Paul Galvin

Community Relationships

Is the California Gnatcatcher a Good Umbrella Species?. 453-467.
Scott A. Fleury, Patrick J. Mock, John F. O'Leary
Is the California Gnatcatcher an Indicator of Bird-Species Richness in Coastal Sage Scrub?. 468-474.
Mary K. Chase, John T. Rotenberry, Michael D. Misenhelter

General Biology and Behavior

California Gnatcatcher Territorial Behavior. 242-257.
Kristine L. Preston, Patrick J. Mock, Mary A. Grishaver, Eric A. Bailey, David F. King
California Gnatcatcher Vocalization Behavior. 258-268.
Kristine L. Preston, Mary A. Grishaver, Patrick J. Mock
Factors Affecting Estimates of California Gnatcatcher Territory Size. 269-279.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Sophia H. Tsai, Carol A. Reynolds, James C. Luttrell, Michael R. Fugagli
Molt and Plumage Variation by Age and Sex in the California and Black-Tailed Gnatcatchers. 280-289.
Peter Pyle, Philip Unitt

Habitat Relationships

Historical Decline of Coastal Sage Scrub in the Riverside-Perris Plain, California. 366-391.
Richard A. Minnich, Raymond J. Dezzani
Coastal Sage Scrub Variations of San Diego County and their Influence on the Distribution of the California Gnatcatcher. 392-405.
Kenneth L. Weaver
Use of Refugia by California Gnatcatchers Displaced by Habitat Loss. 406-412.
Jonathan L. Atwood, David R. Bontrager, Amy L. Gorospe
Energetic Constraints to the Distribution and Abundance of the California Gnatcatcher. 413-420.
Patrick J. Mock
California Gnatcatcher Use of Habitats Other than Coastal Sage Scrub:. 421-433.
Kurt F. Campbell, Richard A. Erickson, William E. Haas, Michael A. Patten


Unmated Male California Gnatcatcher Feeds Fledgling Bushtits. 475-476.
Richard A. Erickson
A New Site of Sympatry of the California and Black-Tailed Gnatcatchers in the United States. 476-479.
Kenneth L. Weaver

Population Dynamics

Six Years of Synchronous California Gnatcatcher Population Fluctuations at Two Locations in Coastal Orange County, California. 333-339.
Richard A. Erickson, Karen L. Miner
Distribution and Population Size of California Gnatcatchers on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, 1993-1997. 340-350.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Sophia H. Tsai, Carol A. Reynolds, Michael R. Fugagli
Dispersal Capability of the California Gnatcatcher:. 351-360.
Eric A. Bailey, Patrick J. Mock

Range Margins

History and Status of the California Gnatcatcher in San Bernardino County, California. 361-365.
Liam H. Davis, Robert L. Mckernan, James S. Burns

Use of Restored Habitat

An Example of the California Gnatcatcher Nesting in Restored Coastal Sage Scrub. 434-438.
M. W. (Bill) O'Connell, Richard A. Erickson
Use of Restored Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat by California Gnatcatchers in a Park Setting. 439-446.
Karen L. Miner, Adrian Wolf, Robb Hirsch
Occurrence and Management Considerations of California Gnatcatchers Along San Diego County Highways. 447-452.
Peter Famolaro, Jeff Newman

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