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Western Birds, Volume 29, Number 3 (1998)

Western Birds


Report of the California Bird Records Committee:. 133-156.
Kimball L. Garrett, Daniel S. Singer
The Status of Spring and Summer Birds on Mitlenatch Island, British Columbia, 1981-1995. 157-168.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek
Foraging Behavior of the Pygmy Nuthatch in Colorado Ponderosa Pine Forests. 169-173.
Heather Ewell, Alexander Cruz
Cowbird Parasitism and Nest Success of the Lazuli Bunting in the Sacramento Valley. 174-179.
Thomas Gardali, Anne M. King, Geoffrey R. Geupel
Identification of White and Black-Backed Wagtails in Basic Plumage. 180-198.
David A. Sibley, Steve N. G. Howell
Arizona Bird Committee Report, 1974-1996:. 199-224.
Gary H. Rosenberg, Janet L. Witzeman
President's Message. 229-231.
Kimball L. Garrett
Featured Photo. 231-232.
Kimball L. Garrett

Book Reviews

A Field Guide to the Warblers of North America. 233-234.
Peter Pyle
Warblers of Europe, Asia and North Africa. 234-236.
Jon R. King


Possible Predation of a Spotted Owl by a Barred Owl. 225-226.
Tom Leskiw, R. J. GutiÉRrez
Nocturnal Chick Provisioning by Black Swifts. 227-228.
Charles T. Collins, B. Moose Peterson

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