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Western Birds, Volume 16, Number 2 (1985)

Western Birds


First Nesting Records and Current Status of the Black-Shouldered Kite in Arizona. 57-61.
Thomas A. Gatz, Martin D. Jakle, Richard L. Glinski, Gale Monson
Treasurer's Report. 62.
J. Garth Alton
Avifaunal Changes in Central Oregon Since 1899. 63-70.
Brian Sharp
Royal Tern Nesting Attempts in California:. 71-80.
Fred C. Schaffner
The Marine Birds of Alijos Rocks, Mexico. 81-92.
Robert L. Pitman

Book Reviews

Checklist of the Birds of Texas. 103.
Richard Webster
Hawaii's Birds. 103-104.
Richard Webster
The Joy of Birding. A Guide to Better Birdwatching. 104.
Richard Webster


Two-Year Old Female Spotted Owl Breeds Successfully. 93-94.
Gary S. Miller, S. Kim Nelson, Will C. Wright
First Record of the Yellow-Throated Warbler in Wyoming. 95-97.
Douglas B. Inkley
Nesting Doves and Thrashers Share Close Quarters. 98.
John T. Emlen, Ruth R. Ogden
Horned Puffin Sightings in the Eastern Pacific. 99-102.
Robert L. Pitman, Michael R. Graybill

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