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Western Birds, Volume 13, Numbers 1-4 (1982)

Western Birds


Feeding Behavior of Crows and Gulls on a Puget Sound Beach. 1-12.
Gerald V. Tangren
Western Bird Photographers, A Photo Essay by Frans Lanting. 13-24.
Narca A. Moore-Craig
Further Records of White-Throated Swifts Utilizing Man-Made Structures. 25-28.
Charles T. Collins, Eric V. Johnson
Vocal Copying in Lawrence's and Lesser Goldfinches. 29-33.
J. V. Remsen, Jr., Kimball Garrett, Richard A. Erickson
Treasurer's Report. 34.
J. Garth Alton
President's Message. 42.
Terence Wahl
Identification Quiz. 43-44.
Bruce Webb
Bulletin Board. 45-46.
Index, Western Birds, Volume 13, 1982. 47-48.
Mildred Comar


Southernmost Nesting Record for the Mountain Bluebird. 35.
Jane P. Church
Palm Warbler Observations in Idaho. 36.
Daniel M. Taylor
An Extant Specimen of Arctic Tern From Colorado. 37-38.
Jeanne A. Conry, Bruce E. Webb
Nesting of Water Pipits in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. 39-40.
Larry L. Norris, Randy Morgenson
Nocturnal Foraging of the Rock Wren Under Artificial Illumination. 41.
Steven M. Speich

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