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Western Birds, Volume 11, Number 4 (1980)

Western Birds


Fourth Report of the California Bird Records Committee. 161-174.
John S. Luther
Foraging Sites of White Pelicans Nesting at Pyramid Lake, Nevada. 175-180.
Fritz L. Knopf, Joseph L. Kennedy
New Bird Records from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon. 181-186.
Carroll D. Littlefield
Western Bird Photographers--A Photo Essay by Ray Ekstrom. 187-194.
Stephen A. Laymon
Index, Western Birds, Volume 11, 1980. 206-216.
Mildred Comar


Recent Nesting Records of Purple Martins in Western Colorado. 195-198.
Peggy L. Svoboda, Kimberly E. Young, Virgil E. Scott
First Records of the Red-footed Booby in the Western United States. 199-200.
Harriet R. Huber, T. James Lewis
An Unusual Case of Barn Swallow Mortality. 201.
Richard L. Knight, Dana C. Ryan
Four Additional Cases of Bird Mortality on Barbed-wire Fences. 202.
Richard L. Knight, Jeff Skriletz, Dana C. Ryan
Migration of the Purple Martin in Southern Mexico. 203-204.
Robert W. Dickerman, Robert M. Zink, Susan L. Frye
Intergrade Juncos (Junco Hyemalis Mearnsi X J. Caniceps Caniceps) in Eastern Colorado. 205-206.
Jeanne A. Conry, Bruce E. Webb

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