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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 16, Number 3 (2005)

Ornitología Neotropical


The Relationship Between Environmental Stability and Avian Population Changes in Amazonia. 289-296.
Daniel M. Brooks, Lucio Pando-Vasquez and Angel Ocmin-Petit
Bird Community Differences in Mature and Second Growth Gara 297-320.
C. Dustin Becker and Ana Agreda
Gustavo Orces, Fernando Ortiz Y El Desarrollo De La Ornitologaa Hecha En Ecuador. 321-336.
Juan F. Freile
Patterns of Daily Temporal Variation in Detectability of Forest Birds in Bolivia. 337-346.
Stefan Woltmann
Independent Evolution of Two Darwinian Marsh-Dwelling Ovenbirds (Furnariidae: Limnornis, Limnoctites). 347-360.
Storrs L. Olson, Martin Irestedt, Per G. P. Ericson and Jon Fjeldsa
Notes on Birds of the Sipaliwini Savanna and Other Localities in Southern Suriname, With Six New Species For the Country. 361-370.
B. J. O
Distribution, Habitat Use, and Abundance Patterns of Landbird Communities on the Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile. 371-386.
Ingo Hahn, Uwe Romer and Roberto P. Schlatter
Syntopic Breeding Suggests Mimicry of the Black-And-White Seedeater (Sporophila Luctuosa) By the Black-And-White Tanager (Conothraupis Speculigera). 387-396.
Christopher C. Witt
Nonbreeding Territorial Behavior of Two Congeneric Antbirds, Chestnut-Backed Antbird (Myrmeciza Exsul) and White-Bellied Antbird (M. Longipes). 397-404.
Bridget J. M. Stutchbury, Bonnie E. Woolfenden, Bradley C. Fedy and Eugene S. Morton
Effects of Hurricane Georges on Habitat Use By Captive-Reared Hispaniolan Parrots (Amazona Ventralis) Released in the Dominican Republic. 405-418.
Thomas H. White, Jr., Jaime A. Collazo, Francisco J. Vilella and Simon A. Guerrero
The Mountain Guan (Penelopina Nigra) in the Sierra Yalijux, Guatemala. 419-426.
Swen C. Renner
Nesting and Foraging Ecology of the Rufous-Crowned Todytyrant (Poecilotriccus Ruficeps) in Eastern Ecuador. 427-432.
Harold F. Greeney, Robert C. Dobbs, Paul R. Martin, Konrad Halupka and Rudolphe A. Gelis
News -- Noticias 447-448.

Short Communications

First Description of the Nest of the Round-Tailed Manakin (Pipra Chloromeros). 433-434.
Stephanie M. Doucet and Daniel J. Mennill
The Brown-Backed Mockingbird (Minus Dorsalis) As a Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus Bonariensis) Host. 435-436.
Rosendo M. Fraga
The Nest and Eggs of the Yellow-Whiskered Bush-Tanager (Chlorospingus Parvirostris) in Eastern Ecuador. 437-438.
Harold F. Greeney
First Nest of the Chusquea Tapaculo (Scytalopus Parkeri) in Southern Ecuador. 439-440.
Harold F. Greeney and Colin J. F. Rombough
Los Inventarios Avifaunasticos: Reflexiones Sobre Su Desarrollo En El Neotrapico. 441-446.
Octavio R. Rojas-Soto and Adan Oliveras de Ita

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