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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 5, Number 2 (1994)

Alabama Birdlife


Diversidad, Abundancia y Dinamica Espacio-Temporal De La Colonia Mixta De Aves Marinas En Punta Leon, Patagonia. 69-77.
PabloYorio, Flavio Quintana, Claudio Campagna and Guillermo Harris
Inequities in Parental Effort and Costs of Communal Breeding in the Guira Cuckoo. 79-90.
Regina H. Macedo
La Dieta De Phalacrocorax Albiventer En Punta Leon (Chubut, Argentina) Durante La Temporada Reproductiva. 91-97.
Viviana E. Malacalza, Teresita I. Poretti and N. Marcelo Bertellotti
A New Subspecies of Scarlet Macaw and Its Status and Conservation. 99-104.
David A. Wiedenfeld

Short Communications

The Nest of the Crested Foliage-Gleaner Automolus Dorsalis. 105-107.
Andrew W Kratter
Bird Use of Cecropia (Cecropiaceae) and Nearby Trees in Espirito Santo State, Brazil. 109-114.
Yoshika Oniki, Tadeu A. de Melo Junior, Evanio T Scopel and Edwin O. Willis
Notes on the Feeding Habits of the Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock (Rupicola Peruviana). 115-116.
Alejandro Luy G. and Deborah Bigio E.
First Description of the Nest and Eggs of the White-Striped Warbler (Basileuterus Leucophrys). 117-118.
Miguel Angelo Marini and Roberto Brandao Cavalcanti
Observations on the Feeding Upon Psittacanthus Calyculatus By Brown-Hooded Parrots (Pionopsitta Haematotis). 119-120.
Jack Clinton Eitniear, Steven McGhee and Will Waddell
Additional Notes on Nest and Eggs of Some Ecuadorian Birds. 121-124.
Manuel Marin and Juan Manuel Carrion B.
Notes on the Breeding Biology of the Slate-Throated Redstart (Myioborus Mineatus) in Venezuela. 125-128.
Charles T. Collins and Thomas R. Ryan
The Slate-Colored Seedeater (Sporophila Schistacea): a Bamboo Specialist? 129-132.
Diane L Neudorf and Paul J. Blanchfield

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