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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 29, Number 2 (1995)

Journal of Raptor Research
2 (June)



Flight Strategies of Migrating Osprey: Fasting Vs. Foraging. 85-92.
Grady L. Candler, Patricia L. Kennedy.
Behavior of Peregrines in Winter in South Texas. 93-98.
James H. Enderson, Jon Larrabee, Zach Jones, Chris Peper, Chris Lepisto.
Fall Concentrations of Buteos near the Continental Divide: a Twenty-Year Summary. 99-102.
Arnold T. Gerstell, Charles H. Trost.
Modification of Parental Behavior During the Nesting Period in the Common Buzzard (Buteo Buteo). 103-109.
Christine Hubert, Alain Gallo, Gilles Le Pape.
Breeding Biology of the Zone-Tailed Hawk at the Limit of Its Distribution. 110-116.
Patricia L. Kennedy, Dorothy E. Crowe, Tylan F. Dean.
Parasitic Helminths of Six Species of Hawks and Falcons in Florida. 117-122.
John M. Kinsella, Garry W. Foster, Donald J. Forrester.
Prey Selection by Wild American Kestrels: the Influence of Prey Size and Activity. 123-126.
Ronald J. Sarno, Alan A. Gubanich.
Spring 1994 Raptor Migration at Eilat, Israel. 127-134.
Reuven Yosef.


American Kestrel Reproduction and Dispersal in Central Wisconsin. 135-137.
Eugene A. Jacobs.
Sex-Specific Diet Analysis of the Tawny Owl (Strix Aluco) in Norway. 137-140.
Kristian Overskaug, Erlend Kristiansen, Peter Sunde.
A New Method of Capturing Buteonine Hawks. 141-143.
David L. Plumpton, Dennis I. Downing, David E. Andersen, J. Michael Logkhart.


Fishermen and Their Gear May Threaten Bald Eagles at Magdalena Bay, B.C.S., Mexico. 144.


On Raptor Roadside Surveys in Western Turkey and Eastern Greece. 145.
Fernando Hiraldo, Javier Bustamante, Jose A. Donazar.
Lesser Kestrels or Not - A Response to Hiraldo, et al.. 146-147.
Wade L. Eakle.
Book Review. 148-149.
Jeffrey S. Marks.

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