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Type Localities of Birds Described from Guatemala

Dickerman, R.W. 1987.
Type localities of birds described from Guatemala.
Occasional Papers of the Western Foundation for Vertebrate Zoology, 3: 51–107.

The following review is appended to the PDF file:

Jackson, J.A. 1988.
Type Localities of Birds Described from Guatemala by R. W. Dickerman.
Journal of Field Ornithology, 59(2): 206.

This monograph represents a considerable amount of “sleuthing” to uncover the true collection localities of some of the 234 avian taxa that have been described from Guatemala by 51 authors and to clarify the origin of some taxa, such as Xanthoura guatimalensis, which include “Guatemala” as part of their name but which came from other countries. A species list includes literature references, collection localities, location of specimens, and taxonomic synonyms. A geographic list summarizes taxa by localities, and a map provides a general picture of where the localities are.


Published 30 July 1987.

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