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The birds of the Dar es Salaam area, Tanzania

Harvey, W.G. and Howell, K.M. 1987.
The birds of the Dar es Salaam area, Tanzania.
Le Gerfaut, 77: 205–258.


Using field observations by the authors from 1968–1978 as well as the published and unpublished records of others before and during this period, the frequency, habitat, distribution and breeding of the birds of the Dar es Salaam area in the coastal strip of Tanzania are documented. Little mist netting was done. A variety of habitats, ranging from the littoral to low-land coastal forest are found within the area. 457 species of birds are reported of which 74 are definitely known to breed: 81 species are Palearctic migrants, and several intra-African migrants are noted.

Even within the short period of the study many habitats have been altered by man’s activities. This is especially true of Pugu Forest Reserve, which contains the only known Tanzanian populations of the East Coast Akalat, Sheppardia gunningi, and an endemic subspecies of Pale-breasted Illadopsis, Trichastoma rufipennis puguensis. The presence of a number of introduced and escaped species, most notably the Indian House Crow, Corvus splendens, is also reported. The need for further study and for conservation of small but important remaining areas of natural vegetation such as lowland coastal forest, acacia scrub, and mangroves is emphasized.

Appended to the PDF are some photographs from 1971 of Dar es Salaam, Kunduchi Beach, Mbudya Island and Pugu forest.

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