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The Migrant, Vol 36 Issue 1

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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Annual Hawk Count 1964 1
Thomas W. Finucane
THE SEASON: Columbia, 7; Nashville, 8; Cookeville, 9; Chattanooga, 9; Knoxville, 10; Greeneville, 10; Bristol, 11 and Elizabethton 7
ROUND TABLE NOTES: Cranes in Cumberland County, 13; Vermillion Flycatchers in Knox County, 14; Recent Observations on Saw-whet Owl in GSMNP, 15; Great Horned Owl Hunting in Full Daylight, 17; Find Yourself a Small Lake, 19; Lawrence's Warbler at Columbia, 20; Operation Bluebird, 20; Long-eared Owl at Chattanooga, 21; An Erythritic Song Sparrow, 21; Field Trip to Duck River Sanctuary Near Waverly 13
BOOK REVIEWS: A New Dictionary of Birds by Sir Landsborough Thomson, 22; Birds Over America by Roger Tory Peterson, 22; The Gull by Franklin Russell, 23; It's For the Birds, by S. Vance Cogley 22
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