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The Migrant, Vol 8 Issue 3

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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Mississippi Kites at home. 45
sketch by Albert F. Ganier opp.
Feeding and Nesting of the Mississippi Kite . 45
M.G. Vaiden
Observations on Mixed Flocks in Autumn . 47
G.R. Mayfield
A September Visit to Reelfoot Lake . 49
Chas. F. Pickering
Banding Brevities - No. 11 . 51
Amelia R. Laskey
The Ospreys Build a Nest . 53
Wm. M. Walker
The Audubon Museum at Henderson, Ky. . 54
the Editor
Eastern Hawks, a plate of flight patterns . 66
R. T. Peterson
The Round Table: The season at Memphis; Notes on the bird life of Reelfoot Lake; A canoe trip on Cumberland River; Bird roosts in Nashville; Notes from the Clarksville Chapter; Nocturnal migration notes; A Cardinal feeds a young Cowbird; A Golden-winged Warbler (at Nashville); Sparrows rob a Robin; Blackbird roosts on Reelfoot Lake; Night singing of the Brown Thrasher; Upland Plovers at Murfreesboro; A Ring-billed Gull on the Cumberland; The Memphis Museum of Natural History and Art; T.O.S. Chapter meeting dates; Editorial chat . 57
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