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The Migrant, Vol 7 Issue 2

Tennessee Ornithological Society/The Migrant
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Nesting of the Cliff Swallow in Tenn.. 29
A. F. Ganier & S.A. Weakley
Waterfowl in Spring on Norris Lake. 30
James Trent, Jr.
Cowbird Nesting Records for Davidson County. 32
Harry C. Monk
The Peace Messengers (Mourning Doves). 33
Mrs. John H. Eagle
Spring Birds of Chattanooga. 34
Bradford Torrey
The Round Table: The Season at Memphis; Brewer's Blackbird at Lakeview, Miss.; A Brown Pelican at Memphis; A Golden Plover near Memphis; Summer Tanager behavior; A North Mississippi heronry; Protecting a Robin's brood; A Fly-catcher's nest; Spring migration at Clarksville; Recent Eagle occurrences; Notes from the Nashville Area; An albino Nighthawk; Migratory waterfowl on the Wheeler Reservoir; The 1936 warbler migration; Notes on Woodcock, Turkey and Grouse; A late Golden-winged Warbler; Spring migration at Knoxville; A May list from Knoxville; Prairie Horned Lark nesting in Tenn.; Miscellaneous notes and news. 37
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