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Bird Records of Airport Camp, Belize

N.A. Smith
Royal Air Force Ornithological Society Newsletter
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This report summarizes all records of birds that I made during my stay in Belize while serving in Belize, at Airport Camp, between 24 September 1986 and 3 September 1988. It also includes additional sightings while on a Royal Air Force Ornithological Society (RAFOS) expedition to Belize, between 26 February to 6 March 1986. Also, additional visits to Belize on vacation or most recently on a reconnaissance for a Joint Service Expedition to the Upper Raspaculo (JSSEUR), due to take place between 3 January to 27 February 1991. The dates of these additional visits were 22–27 December 1988, 4 January 1989 and most recently the JSSEUR reconnaissance, 20–29 July 1990.

During this time entries were made on 158 separate days; many of these were while actively birdwatching, sometimes on weekend forays; others were while going about other business. Notable periods of observation are summarized in Annex A. Many observations were made either on my own or with others who were not birdwatchers; however, only those records of which I am sure are included; doubtful records are stated as being such and have accompanying field notes.

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