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Western Birds, Volume 40, Number 4 (2009)

Western Birds


Recent Purple Martin Declines in the Sacramento Region of California: Recovery Implications. 254.
Daniel A. Airola and Dan Kopp.
Further Decline in Nest-Box Use by Vaux’s Swifts in Northeastern Oregon. 260.
Evelyn L. Bull and Charles T. Collins.
Use of a Nesting Platform by Gull-billed Terns and Black Skimmers at the Salton Sea, California. 267.
Kathy C. Molina, Mark A. Ricca, A. Keith Miles, and Christian Schoneman.
Birds of Prey and the Band-tailed Pigeon on Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. 278.
Juan-Pablo Gallo-Reynoso and Ana-Luisa Figueroa-Carranza.
Food Habits of Wild Turkeys in National Forests of Northern California and Central Oregon. 284.
Greta M. Wengert, Mourad W. Gabriel, Ryan L. Mathis, and Thomas Hughes.
Seasonal Variation in the Diet of the Barn Owl in Northwestern Nevada. 292.
Abigail C. Myers, Christopher B. Goguen, and Daniel C. Rabbers.


First Record of a Mangrove Yellow Warbler for Arizona . 297.
Nathan K. Banfield and Patricia J. Newell.
Prey Remains in Nests of Four Corners Golden Eagles, 1998-2008. 301.
Dale W. Stahlecker, David G. Mikesic, James N. White, Spin Shaffer, John P. DeLong, Mark R. Blakemore, and Craig E. Blakemore.
Book Reviews. 307.
Dave Trochlell and John Sterling.
Featured Photo: Juvenal Plumage of the Rufous-crowned Sparrow. 310.
Acknowledgements. 313.
Daniel D. Gibson.
Index to Volume 40. 314.
Daniel D. Gibson.

Front cover photo by © Todd Easterla of Rancho Cordova, California: Streaked Shearwater (Calonectris leucomelas), Monterey Bay, Monterey County, California, 12 October 2008. A species of the western Pacific, the Streaked Shearwater has been substantiated once in Oregon, 18 times in California (most frequently on Monterey Bay but once inland), and once in Wyoming.

Back cover "Featured Photo" by © Brad Schram of Arroyo Grande, California: juvenile Rufous-crowned Sparrow (Aimophila ruficeps), Deer Canyon, San Luis Obispo County, California, 6 August 2006. Note the pencil-streaked upper breast and sides over buff, streaked crown, and facial pattern, a paler version of the adult’s.

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